Solutions zone at coal+Ice

The Solution Space was conceived as a new collaboration within the Coal+Ice documentary photography exhibit. During the four months the creative team worked in New York City in designing the interactive exhibits that would bring it to life. The fabrication was done in Oakland, CA by Scenic Inc.

Inspired by techniques and technologies that are currently available, this space aims to communicate the need and plausibility of a new mindset of progress and innovation. Through open exploration it placed the visitors as the agent who through connecting the dots were able to gain knowledge, visualize possibilities and ultimately take action.

Solutions Zone was exhibited from 5th to 24th September 2018 at Fort Mason Centre in San Francisco, CA

Role: Producer & Web Developer

Website: and

Team: Executive Producers - Susan Meiseles & Nancy Hechinger

Producers - Regina Cantu & Rushali Paratey

Designers - Alejandro Matamala, Ayal Rosenberg, Hayeon Hwang, Isa Vento, Jasmine Soltani, Michael Simpson, Yeseul Song

Exhibits: Algae Globe, Channeling Waste, Solar Silk, Carbon Farming, Circular Economies

Press: Global Citizen , SF Chronicle