Silent Words

Silent Words is a public urban art installation meant to spread awareness about sexual abuse and violence. It aims to encourage denizens to talk about their experiences and stories and break the traditional silence around these topics. Inspired by artist Danielle Butler's Safe House and one of India's first spirituality and wellness blog 'The Speaking Tree', Silent Words took the form of a dead tree. 


  1. Twilio API for getting audio recordings of people who call in to share their stories
  2. Micro controller and MP3 shield to playback the audio saved from the API
  3. Neopixels

Code for the installation is updated here.

How it works:

The physical structure of the piece is in the form of a tree, a wooden piece with audio jacks around the bark. and where users can insert a 3.5mm audio cable of any headphones or earphones into the sculpture and listen to recordings left by anonymous citizens. The lifeless tree responds with it's LED leaves every time it recognizes that a user has interacted with it by listening to someone's story or if someone has left the tree a message. 

This blog explains the fabrication process in detail and here is the electronics blog.


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