It all started when...

My midterm project for the Physical Computing class with Benedetta Piantella was inspired by a major difference in habits that I noticed. The use of paper towels, tissues, kitchen paper towels was astounding and it seemed like the mindset was that since it is an eco-friendly recyclable option it could be overused. 

So with Jasmine Soltani, a classmate, we decided to monitor the use of paper towels on the ITP floor and added a pinch of entertainment to it. Our installation was hooked up to a paper towel dispenser on the floor and each time a paper towel was pulled it would change the gif and count the usage. 

Role: Co-creator, developer

Tools: Arduino, p5.js

How it works: A stretch sensor is attached to the inner spring mechanism of the paper towel dispenser. The change in values of the sensor is detected by an Arduino and sent via serial to a p5.js sketch which fetches gifs from the giphy API.

You can take a look at our process here.

Press: Maker Project Lab