NYC Beats is a web art experiment about New York City’s iconic subway musicians. It allows both their immediate and global audience to explore and engage with artists in real-time through a crowdsourced three dimensional interactive map. 

Role: Graduate Thesis 2018 

Tools: Digital Ocean, Mapbox GL, Three.js, Google Firebase, Node.js


Thesis Link: ITP Thesis Website

Phone with NYC Beats feature of spotted a musician

Feature 1 - REAL TIME DATA

Real time crowdsourced database, so when commuters spot a musician they can geo tag them on the map. Musicians setting up can tag themselves too. The crowdsourced data helps musicians find spots in the subways as well as commuters and audiences to engage with these musicians.


Icon in 3D map of NYC indicating musician’s presence

When the user is closer to a location in the map the app plays sounds of musicians at that location and changes as the user moves around and explores the map.