Computation - Where to begin?

Recap: On Tuesday, 6th September we had our first ever ITP class and in that FIRST EVER ITP class of Applications, my name miraculously flashed up on the screen with 3 others. We had to make a presentation due coming week. Now, we had the option of doing something simple but we came up with the idea of making a web application using p5 where a tiny pale blue dot would increase in size as the users clicked it. (It does sound weird when I don't give a context but I promise it was relevant to the presentation)

So, we started coding - created a canvas, ellipse(), wrote a logic, incremented diameter on mousepressed(), created a loop for reducing size of the diameter every 3 secs. Assumed the number of users and estimated size of this dot, used a nice light blue color, used for the first time, got stuck on a syntax error for 4/5 hours, asked Kyle - the resident to help us, figured out it was a browser problem, debugged and finally came up with  (smaller increments so fewer users can reach the final stage) original version is here

Here is link to the code -

(In case you read this^ and happen to know an easier/faster method of doing what we did please let us know, we want to learn)

Coming to the point of computation and what I would like to accomplish with those super powers - honestly, I don't know yet! I have a few scattered ideas. I want to learn, a lot more! Using APIs, visualizing data, making interactive web art? Hopeful! What interests me at the moment is - programming for sound, learning how to use puredata or chucK. Integrating that with an interaction design project, maybe wearables!

Some projects that inspired me are - , , BBC's Syrian Refugee Journey and

My first attempts to making a sketch using p5.js is in the upcoming blog!