Designing for Hedwig and the angry inch - the Broadway show!


Simple Sentence

Hedwig & The Angry Inch is about the conflicts of self-identification.

Complex Sentence

Hedwig & The Angry Inch is about how we find self-acceptance and redemption despite the expectations and identities imposed on us by others.

We chose a sentence from the play that most defined our perspective and understanding of the sentiment

“It’s the direction of the aggression that defines it.”

No one can live free from the influence -good or bad- of others. How we negotiate those influences defines who we are.

Luther, Hedwig’s mother and Tommy impose expectations on Hedwig. She accepts them, grows resentful and feels trapped, until she realizes it’s within her power to escape.

Visual Research

The visual research we did for the play is indicated in this blog.

Model Box

Based on Belasco Theatre's architectural drawings we made an 1/2" scale model of the theatre.

Set Design

The visual research, model and scenes together formed the creative decisions made for the set. 


The three scenes we chose to design for from the show were -

1. The Engagement 

“To walk away, you gotta leave something behind."

At home in Berlin, Luther proposes with a ring, wig and an application for American citizenship.

2. Wicked Little Town (Reprise)

“You think that luck has left you there. But maybe there’s nothing up in the sky but air.”

In hearing Tommy sing her song, Hedwig understands that she is ultimately responsible for her own identity, and isn’t beholden to the identity assignments of others.

3. Passing the Wig

“To walk away, you gotta leave something behind.”

During Midnight Radio, Hedwig hands her wig to Yitzhak, acknowledging that she has been denying him his identity. Hedwig finds peace.