Hedwig and the angry inch!

#Concept Sentences

1. One simple sentence - The play is about the life and changes of a boy named Hansel.

2. One complex sentence - A boy named Hansel from Germany who once lived with his mother tells the story of his sex change operation and how he moved to America.

3. 3-5 sentence description - Hansel, a boy from Germany who lived with his mother meets a man Luther - who wants to marry him. Hansel undergoes a badly done sex change operation for Luther, changes his name to Hedwig and moves to America later to be divorced by him. In his pursuit to find the other half according to a tale told by his mom he narrates his experiences. The play ends with Hedwig and Yitzhak exchanging their appearances to signify the unison of the broken eye. (which I am not sure if I am interpreting correctly)

#Fuch's Questions 

1. The world of the play

The world of the play is a Broadway theatre. But elements on the stage suggest explosion. The time of the play is recent but often refers to the late 1900s post building the Berlin wall and later during Hedwig's time in America. The play on the whole is in linear progression but often jumps back and forth in memories. The climate did not catch my attention since it is mostly indoors so controlled conditions. The overall mood of the play seems passionate and confident with sprints of sadness, anger, seriousness. The music defines and guides the mood a lot. 

2. The social world of the play

The play has a central single figure which is Hedwig and a band that accompanies on stage. The interactions of these characters is mostly one on one with back up vocals. There is significant tension and drama equipped with each interaction with different characters. Like a musical, the play shifts between songs and talking. Often Hedwig has a monologue but enacts out a memory with other characters. The language is colorful and ranges through the spectrum. 

3. Changes

First image: Yitzhak welcomes audience to the Belasco Theatre and requests them to turn off all cellular devices. 

Last image: Yitzhak dressed in female drag as the 'broken eye' appears and merges and becomes whole.

Center image: Hansel invited Luther home for dinner and he proposes. 

The scene was necessary to go through the transition of when Hansel becomes Hedwig and the changes that behold. It is a turning point of the play. The character is still developing during this scene and further on from this point is how the character evolves. 

4. Imaginer's view

The play demands of the viewer to empathize, to understand, to accept like Hedwig did of the wholeness of all beings. Man or woman or neither or both.