"Do it once, do it again" project

For this class I wanted to explore urban and public art interactive installations. 

My thought is that it's going to take a physical structure mostly of a tree (which I shall design and fabricate in my Digital Fabrication class with Danny Rozin) and the hardware part of it includes 3.5mm audio jacks all around on the bark of the tree where people can plug in their earphones and it would play sound recordings and the rest of the tree could have stepper motors as branches and led strips as leaves controlling the look based on the time/engagement, etc (maybe other IoT concepts like electrical consumption on the ITP floor) emulating the appearance of a real tree swaying to wind. 

A reference would be the Tree of Tenere from Burning Man designed by Symmetry Labs. 

I am assuming this is still a design thought in process and reiterating over the week would change the look and final output of this project.