I got excited and did more than two because it was such a fun assignment! It's so interesting that each avatar is so different yet characteristically SO ME!

1. What did I have control over?

With most of these tools, I had control over Face, facial features, hair, clothes and some accessories. This seemed monotonous to me after a point and I started to wonder what we could change about these avatar making apps to make them more exciting. 

2. Were there things you wanted to have control over that you didn’t?

I would have liked more options or choices at the least in places that I did not have a lot of creative control over. Reminded me of the time I made my 2D vector in photoshop and like that purely cause I could choose my pose and angle and other parameters that are not of concern to these apps. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 2.32.57 AM.png

3. Are these avatars an accurate representation of you? What is missing? - How do the two avatars compare to one another?

They are drastically different in several ways but certain characteristics do portray my features and one can make out who it is. 

I love the South Park one the best and I want to make the Simpsons one but it isn't available!