Play testing 1.0

playtesting 1.jpg

We are working on an interactive live dance performance piece with two dancers. The choreography revolves around the difficulties and eases of getting close to someone. The central piece we plan to make will have ultrasonic sensors which will depict whether a dancer is close to the piece or away and accordingly will be bright or dim respectively. We play tested this in class and got some important feedback.

We however need to play test with several scenarios, adjusting different parameters and see what works the best. Ideally the primary user of this interaction would be the dancers but an integral part of this is the audience. So we have layers of users and need to be cognitive of this fact.

We plan on using the sensors and LEDs on the piece for the basic version and we can then work on bringing in the kinect and projection mapping for a later phase.

-- A project-in-the-making by Elizabeth White and Rushali