Observations and Iterations...

After the brainstorming I did with Tom, it led me to the fact that I avoid sitting on my desk at nights due to bad lighting in my room. my desk even though faces the light gets a lot of shadow from the screen and surroundings not to mention that the light itself is pretty centric in the room.

That made me think that about lighting up the corner on the sides of the window or my desk itself.  Since the ceiling of my room is quiet high and the light hangs down around 2 feet lower from the ceiling to light the room. So the top corners are quiet dull or dim.

Aesthetically, if the beam between the two windows was lit, it would give a symmetric lighting appearance in contrast to the corner being lit.

Maybe after this entire exploration, since I am not going to live in this room after summer - I may just work on lighting something on the ITP floor! Cause

  1. I spend more time there
  2. Easy access to technology  
  3. Quick prototyping space!