Neopixels and proximity

Elizabeth's blog has the proximity sensor testing videos!

The neopixel consumes a lot of power so it needs to be powered separately, our next attempt is controlling multiple neopixels with an arduino.

We ran into a lot of errors like avrdude, and the arduino crashing cause of lack of power. We then #included the <power.h> lib which I dont completely understand what it does but seems like the neopixel behaves better with that included.

our to-do list for this weekend is

  1. Check other micro-controllers besides Uno for multiple neopixels
  2. Attach multiple neopixels and control them with the proximity sensor
  3. Fabricate the lenticular surface and mirror and light enclosure
  4. Test the projection mapping system in case that is a good addition
  5. Test the Skanect and check if the 3D character can be controlled by the proximity sensor

Basically, A LOT.

Let's see what works and what doesn't so we can have a good user testing next week!