Music Score

My score is inspired from Nostradamus' prophecies - 'Les Propheties'

It has 12 centuries with 100 quatrains in each century and people have different interpretations of how to read them and what they mean. Ergo, my idea was to use that as a score!

Each quatrain would depict a sound resembling its literal meaning maybe. The player gets to choose 4 quatrains from any century. A century can not be repeated though.

The link to his prophecies is here.

So for the midterm, I was wondering if I should assign sounds to each quatrain or write a dummy quatrain and make a sound that maybe resembles it for trial.

My dummy quatrains are :

A different greeting each time.
A different beat an odd time.
A different voice each time.
A different Note an odd time.

Play them all, together to merge.
Or play them one so they converge.
Note by note, sound by sound
Let the audio take the ground.

This is composed using tone.js and the code is here