Midterm Project: Trial Round

For midterms I was partnered with Jasmine and together we brainstormed and finalized on making a paper towel counter! So every time a towel gets pulled some display shows the count and maybe a GIF of a tree falling or something rolling or maybe the sound of thunder! Maybe this is about sustainability or maybe our aim is to just make people feel awkward about using paper towels! Why? you ask, why not? we say!

So the Paper Towel Dispenser looks like that -->

And on careful observation thou shalt notice springs! THAT STRETCH! Thou shalt also notice dust but that does not concern us at this moment.

The motion of the spring was perfect to place a stretch sensor at that point and there is ample room to keep an arduino in the dispenser as well. In case of space crunches we could also consider an arduino mini. We also thought it would be ideal to hook it up to bluetooth so our display could be outside the restroom instead of inside. We then found another paper towel dispenser outside the restroom so I guess we shall use that.




Circuits and Testing

We first checked our sensor and saw the values it gave messed around with a few resistors such that the values were far apart. We got a good range from 500 - 800 on a 2k ohm resistor!

We then checked the bluetooth module to see how it functions, connected it's Tx to it's own Rx and saw that it was sending data! But we shall get back to the bluetooth module later.


Our p5 sketch that shows gifs on a trigger - fetches gifs from giphy using it's API -

click on it -->