Lighting design Inspirations!

This week was all about testing materials, looking at designs and trying to understand what lighting piece we plan to make.

Here are a few light fixtures that attracted my attention -

I like the way this pentagonal 3D shape and material sheds light on it's surroundings. Wooden materials seem to be a good option to play around with, especially since they are not conductive. However, they probably are not good with taking in the heat of the light source.

I initially wanted to work with metal meshes and sheets to create patterns. Seems like wooden sheets and frosted glass acrylics are giving better textures and diffusion. There's probably a reason why there are more wooden examples than metal. Brass options seem to be good.. EXPERIMENT!

Laser cutting and etching are probably going to be a common process in these wooden fixtures with patterns. The question is, should my piece be up in the air or on a surface?

Super common alphabet light fixtures are very often found in restaurants in NYC. Saw them in Target and Walmart too, these are metal. Now I'm curious about how metal is cut and shaped and processed! Should I look into the product design aspect? Yes. Should I just buy an incasing or make one from scratch? I don't know!

I know that incandescent bulbs are not something I want to use.

I also know that the traditional bulb shape is something that fascinates me. I love the look of the twisted filament inside. So, LED and the fancy filament bulbs or untraditional LEDs like the ones below?

FABRIC! Something I wonder about when it comes to lighting design. Can fabric withhold heat? If yes, how much? What kind of fabric? I have seen jute bag material being used as diffusers in a mesh structure, some have rope, some have feathers!

Hide the light source! crevices and openings designed well that have the light falling off it is something that I'd love to do.