Light and Interactivity

For the Light and Interactivity final, Koji and I teamed up and decided to do something on the floor. After much iterations of ideas all the way from turning lights off based off the concept of "load-shedding" to Alexa turning lights off to using the Enertiv API to control the lights - we went through a lot of reconsiderations.

Finally, we decided to make a light piece/sconce/structure that added aesthetic value to a dull part of the floor and depicted energy consumption whilst doing that!

This later made me realize that it is as much a Data Art project as it is a Light and Interactivity project!

Koji decided to take control of the tech aspect but soon we realized that this project probably needed more designing and lighting design thought so we both got on board to make things. Having experimented with materials the entire semester helped up-speed the process of designing an abstract ceiling piece which would reflect light off a strong floor light and create caustics. We used materials we found on the floor.

Our second part was a magic window which would change colors as an indication of the energy consumption for the previous week. We started off with philips hue bulbs as clip lights mounted on a cardboard prototype of the window.

We changed to colored bulbs since that would help in the data indication.