After going through a few ideas and iterating I decided to make a "corner illuminator"

Specifically because I notice most house lights are centered so the light falls across the whole room but usually that leads to dark corners. Certain corners are usually places were people store things or have shelves and it would be helpful if it were sufficiently lit.

The following is a sketch of what I envisioned this to be.




I decided to use wood for the structure. However, metal is also an option.

I am going to wrap paper around the four dowels as a diffuser.

The base will have a light source. and the paper will have lasercut patterns for aesthetic reasons.

However, the questions I need to address right now are -

  1. How bright do I want this piece to be?
  2. What bulb/light source should I use?
  3. Is this structurally sound or will it be an encumbrance ?
  4. Should I remake the structure with metal ?
  5. What types of paper are best for this application?
  6. Will the heat generated by the light source have an escape route ?