Week 2: Labs!

This is turning out to be more fun than usual!

I end up doing my circuits and debugging and then go on to figure my classmates circuit issues as well! Problem solving is weirdly exciting!

However, this week I did face a problem with the first lab! When switch was ON - LED 1 lights up, switch OFF - LED 2 lights up! The circuit was correct, the code was right, one LED was on but the LED 2 refused to light up! I still haven't decoded this mystery.

The second lab - Analog Input to Arduino using Potentiometer

Because I did not have two FSRs, I used another variable resistor - a photo diode.

The LEDs are lighting up based on the sensors! I really want to learn how to invert the resistance so the photo diode can be used to detect darkness and then light up the LED! I remember doing this with the IC LM393 if I remember correctly but I do not recall what or how the IC did that!

This is making me want to revise my engineering days notes about Op-amps, ADCs and DACs, transistors, timers, ICs, micro controllers, etc! But I remember the words said on the first day of the physical computing class - "This is not an engineering course, this is an interaction design course" -  I'm still struggling to get used to that !