Final project idea - physical computing

I had three main concepts I wanted to pitch and was also open to teaming up with someone on their project idea! So let's walk through this -

  1. A musical Bicycle

It started with me being super fascinated with Monkey Electrics Bike lights that are attached on the wheel of a cycle for safety.

I wanted to make that interactive in some way so I started to think about all the ways that was possible. It lead me to realize that I wanted to enrich the experience of cycling, something that would make someone want to get back on a bike and leave their fuel consuming car behind! A bicycle as an interface to make music was an afterthought to this, obviously it would be a stationery bike for the sake of simplicity at this conceptual level.

My after thoughts from this idea was adding a tiny camera on Citi bikes so it clicks pictures at a set interval and stitches them into a collage and sends you back an email of where you cycled around!

2. Noise Noise Noise!

A simple way to make citizens aware of the noise pollution around them would be to have a sound sensor trigger when the noise levels cross a certain threshold. This could then put forth a warning so people know that they must honk less or take some kind of action. To facilitate this an installation on a bus stand or a public transport could show a "monster" like creature growing as noise increases and when it crosses the limit it could be fully grown and needs to be tackled by clicking on it thereby attacking noise pollution metaphorically. The kind of interaction could increase awareness amongst all ages and people can consciously take efforts to maintain noise levels.

3. A spitting solution

Spitting is a habit amongst humans thats unhygienic, unclean and makes our society prone to illness of various types. It seemed to me that this was a problem just in India but that is not true at all. It is only overtly seen due to the bright red color of tobacco that leaves a stain behind. China and USA, every metro with a large population faces the issue of spitting. Ergo, this project idea was to stop or reduce that in some way. Some solutions people have come up with are hydrophobic paint/material that bounces the water/spit/pee off the surface making it fall back upon the person. Fire trucks in a city sprayed large amounts of water on people who were caught peeing drenching them completely. Some put up images of God in the hopes that people will respect that and not disrupt these places.  

One way to go about this is picking specific spots generally corners in buildings, subway elevators, public spots and staircases and setting up moisture sensors to detect some kind of wetness that sets up an alert to a screen or announcement depending on the place. It may end up being a way of constructive public shaming or could be a generic statement requesting not to do such activities.