Data Aesthetics

The dataset we had to visualize for the Data aesthetics section was the immigration data to United States in 2015.

Ideally, I would've loved to get out of the 'world map' to visualize this but I fell for the understandability factor. (This makes me feel like a hypocrite cause I strongly opposed an argument in a debate where Bollywood film makers claimed to dumb down the story line so the audience would understand it but...)

Tools used - Processing, Laser printer, Illustrator

Materials used - wood and thread

I imagined a line from the US to the region getting thicker based on normalized percentages of foreign borns in the U.S.

I wanted it to be a physical piece, it could be adapted into a large scale installation. I decided to use nails for regions and a slightly big enough screw that could hold the maximum threads.

Step one - cardboard prototype

I lasercut a textured world map, added nails and tried threading with a few multiples of the percentages I got from the data set. The cardboard obviously couldn't hold the screws for long but it gave me a good idea about how to tackle thread.


Step two - Wood prototype

I etched the same on wood and run it a few more times so it had a burnt dots look.