Computational media final project ideas

The following are my ideas for the ICM finals -

  1. Lyrics Visualization -  Based on Robert Hodgins Solar project, I wanted to make an interface that visualizes lyrics of various artists based on the most recurring word in their albums. I found a lyrics api that fetches albums, artists and their lyrics.
  2. Ketto Data Analysis - I wanted to visualize the data collected by a crowdfunding start-up named I worked for and  do predictions based on patterns. The data would include donors, campaigners and would revolve around where the users are based, how much they tend to donate, etc
  3.  Visualizations for pcom project - Ideally, I'd love to combine physical computing and icm so if we can make a few sketches and visualizations which are controlled by the proximity sensor so the live performance can have more detailed interactivity.
  4. 3D social media space - I wanted to explore more of WEBGL and how we could exploit it, our current social media sites are very text/images based and recently more videos are being incorporated, but I envisioned facebook in a 3D world and wanted to make a version of it. A website that this idea was inspired by is