Beyond your Reflection with Elizabeth C. White

Beyond your Reflection

Beyond you Reflection is an interactive mirror installation that uses the Kinect, a two way reflective acrylic mirror and Processing. It acts a stand alone mirror but when you get close enough (within the specified range of depth from the Kinect) the screen behind the mirror lights up to show a sketch of you.

This is far from our original concept of controlling light and audio outputs based on proximity of dancers for live performance but the core concept holds the same thought. Instead of using ultrasonic range finding sensors we are using a Kinect. Although it could also be done with a webcam and instead of depth sensitive sketches we could use 2D pixelation sketches.

Requirements - Kinect, Monitor/Display/Screen, 2-way reflective acrylic, Arduino

Tools  - Processing, Arduino IDE

Making -  We laser cut the acrylic mirror to fit the screen exactly leaving the frame of the Acer monitor. We then used a black acrylic to make a frame to cover the kinect and monitor. We mounted the kinect to the top of the monitor with industrial strength adhesive