4 words!


  1. Seek Attention 
  2. Group
  3. Aesthetics
  4. Add meaning
  5. Keep in mind color vision limitation of the population
  6. Complementary colors on the color wheel - combinations, Saturated colors(pure hues) - attract attention and desaturated to indicate seriousness, Symbolism - verify the meaning since this is still speculative

Cognitive Dissonance 

  1. State of discomfort due to conflicting attitudes, thoughts or actions
  2. Optimal level of incentive required to change behaviour and attitude is the point of minimum justification!
  3. 3 ways to alleviate cognitive dissonance - A) Reduce importance of the dissonant cognitions B) Add consonant cognitions C) Remove/change dissonant cognitions


  1. Tendency to perceive things as unchanging or different based on our visual limitations
  2. Size, Color, Shape and Brightness constancy are some examples. All our senses exhibit constancy. 


  1. Technique to bring attention to an area
  2. Few ways to do it are Bold, Italics, underlining, typeface, color, inversing and blinking