The digital space I want to choose for this assignment is the big photo album of social media - Instagram. I recently archived all my posts and have nothing on my page. This is what it currently looks like - 

Instagram page as of October 2nd 1:13 am EST

Instagram page as of October 2nd 1:13 am EST

I have 776 followers and zero posts but it says 1 for some odd reason and I follow 233 humans. I would like to safely say that I have extinguished my social circle. Everyone who knows me well enough probably follows me on this platform. 

My experiment here on is to simulate different personas within the Instagram world - fashion bloggers, travel bloggers, food bloggers, beauty bloggers, photographers, stand up comedians, etc and inhabit them for 30 posts each. I plan to use to Instagram API to trigger the next post on every 5 followers. The posts will be comprising of all the 'to-do' things that magazines/bloggers mention to get Instagram famous which include incessant hashtags, current/relevant topics, etc. I am taking tips from wikihow,, cosmopolitan,, and also from Henry Carroll's 'Read this if you want to be Instagram famous' and DerekThompson's 'Hitmakers'.

The description and look of the profile changes every time the profile switches to a new persona. 

Step 1: I finalized the personas I'd like to cover and the ones that get the most attention on Instagram which are as follows

  • Food blogger
  • A Celebrity's fan (Selena Gomez seems to be the most followed one)
  • Traveller 
  • Fashion
  • Stand up comedian
  • Beauty blogger
  • Sports fanatic
  • Role player (not sure about this one)
  • Gamer
  • Book lover
  • Photographer
  • Musician

Step 2: Collect/Click the database of 30 images with tags under each persona. 

I am a bit confused about whether I should click or use stock images. I would prefer to click but I like to idea of using stock since it is a total disconnect from my personality or me. 

Step 3: Write the code and run the app 

Constraints I am adding - I will follow whoever follows me and for every 10 followers added I will unfollow 2 accounts until I reach 200 following. No automated engagement will be done during this experiment. 

Final Aim - I am assuming reaching 1000 followers is not hard at this point since I am on 700+ so by the end of this experiment reaching 5k followers to see how artificial or "organic" social media growth truly is!